Jacksonville High School Cheer begins new cheer season

Kylie McCaherty, Staff Writer

Jacksonville High School cheerleader Cheney Brewer is taking on her senior year football/basketball cheer season this school year. I decided that this would be a good time to interview her to see where her thoughts are on this year’s cheer team. 

Cheney said that she is very excited to start this cheer season, but she is also sad because this is her last year. She loves that her team can be so close and also loves that she has formed amazing relationships with all of the other girls. She is very excited to see what she and these girls can do. When asked what she thought made her team a successful cheer squad, Cheney replied that “working together and always having each others’ backs are some of their best qualities.” She said that her team also always tries to have a positive attitude at games and practices, which makes them more successful in the long run. 

The cheer team has a couple goals for this year’s season. One of them is to cheer on their school as much as they can. They want to make sure they are cheering to the best of their ability at every game or event. Another goal that they have is to practice hard for their competitions so that they could make it to state. They have a strong team this year and state is something they are hoping to see in the near future. 

Cheney says that she prefers cheering at football games rather than the competition season. She says that for football games, the Jacksonville community comes together so well. “Seeing our bleachers full every home game makes me so happy,” says Brewer. 

She has a few favorite things about being on a cheer team. Her favorite is being a role model for the younger girls on the team. When she was a freshman, she had many role models to look up to that made her the leader she is today. Another thing that she loves is representing Jacksonville High School. She loves to support the school and everyone who is in it. Cheney is excited to take on this season but not ready for all of the memory-making, football games, and practices with her friends to come to an end.