YouTube viewing increases during quarantine

Jade Coats, Staff Writer

In a March 2020 survey of general social media users in the United States, 64 percent of people who responded said that if they had to quarantine they would use more YouTube in that period. The 2018 Pew Research Survey shows that 85 percent of U.S. teens aged 13 to 17 use YouTube.

YouTube, one of the biggest social media platforms, has gotten extra use during Covid-19. Teenagers and adults all over claim they’ve used YouTube way more since quarantine began. One sophomore at JHS, Kaylee Boldt, agrees with this. “I’ve used it way more since quarantine. I’d say probably about 65 percent more.”¬†

Many teenagers claim that YouTube affects them mentally as well. “I personally don’t think I’ve been too affected except minimal boredom, but I have seen people get happier after watching YouTube and less stressed,” Boldt stated. Although YouTube can affect mental health positively, it also can have a negative effect. The Youth, Media, & Wellbeing Research Lab conducted¬† a survey that showed that over 20% of teenagers feel bad about themselves after going on YouTube and other social media. More than half of those teenagers said that it had to deal with their physical appearance.

Boldt shared her opinion on the topic, “I’ve never felt insecure after being on YouTube, but I think that if you watch the right people, you don’t have to worry about that. I do agree that peer pressure and beauty standards are a great problem on social media.”

However, there are more positive effects than negative if YouTube viewing is held in balance. With quarantine, YouTube and other social media helps people feel connected and happy and overall socialized with the world. Whether quarantined, bored, or just looking for something to watch, YouTube is always a good option in 2020.