The art of writing letters returns during quarantine

Julianne Wilson, staff writer

Before cell phones and email and facetime, people wrote letters. Letter writing is a lost art. There is something almost romantic about taking a pen to paper. A letter is very special to the receiver as they can remember the handwriting, and the way the sender wrote your name. 

I have had a lot of time on my hands during this quarantine. I have been writing letters to my family, and friends. To demonstrate, I am going to write a letter to you, the everyday high school student that is lonely and misses friends or maybe the teacher that is trying to figure out how to reach students from home.

Dear friend,

I hope you have been doing well. This time is so confusing, We all are figuring it out day by day. The unknown can be quite unsettling. Will we go back to school? Will my family be hurt by the coronavirus? When will I see my friends again? All of these questions have run through my head the past couple of days. 

I have been using this time to catch up on tasks that I have not had time to focus on in the past. I have also spent a lot of time reading. While reading, the time passes much more quickly. I am whisked away into a new place. The change of scenery is nice since I’m frequently at home. 

I think maybe for some of us, the break can be positive. We can focus on self-growth. It can be a blessing and a curse, but we have a lot of time alone with our thoughts. I know it can be scary but use it to your advantage. Do not hide from your fears; explore them and take time to heal. 

Most of all, I miss you. Even if I do not personally know you, I miss seeing your presence  in the halls or in the lunchline. You made up the group of people at JHS. Whether you are a teacher, a freshman, a custodian, or a senior that wants their year back, we all were a group. We worked together everyday this past year. We took each other for granted, and I miss you.


Julianne Wilson