Dance is passion

Anna Bezler, Staff Writer

Dance can be defined as moving to music with rhythm, and it is considered an art form.  To me, aside from family and friends, dance is the most important thing to me. It makes me feel the way nothing else can. It helps me to express myself and get my mind off of anything.  It is truly a beautiful art and I’m so blessed to have it in my life. People say that dance isn’t a sport, but in reality, dance is one of the most physically demanding sports of all time.  Not to mention, to be a competitive dancer, you have to be confident enough to wear costumes and get up on stage for everyone to watch and judge you. It is far from easy.

People often ask me if dance is hard and takes up so much time, why do you still do it? Yes, I am at the studio around 4-5 hours every night, which can be exhausting, but the things I take away from dance are amazing. The feeling I get when I go on stage and hear people cheering for me and the feeling I get after I nail a performance, are feelings that I never want to lose. People often think that dance is all about the costumes, hair, makeup, and trophies, but in reality that stuff is added just to make the wonderful dancing even more exciting. To many people, dancing is inspiring. It makes all of their worries go away. I know that is does that for me! To me, dance is the most beautiful art in the world. It teaches discipline, grace, beauty, dedication, perseverance, and passion. Without passion, you won’t get anywhere with dance.

I love dance more than anything and I never want to stop. Even if I do have to, it will always be a huge part of my life. Dance is my sport, and I am forever grateful for this gift.