Illinois state lawmaker pushes for pumpkin pie

Marrion Ore, staff writer

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When you learn that Illinois is the nation’s top pumpkin producing state, you may not be surprised when this bill comes up in the spring of 2015. While many people assume that Illinois’s agriculture industry focuses on field corn, sweet corn,  popcorn and soybeans, pumpkins are actually a $33 million dollar industry in the state of Illinois. State representative Keith Sommer pushed for legislation to make pumpkin pie Illinois’s state pie in August in honor of the annual pumpkin festival in Morton, where almost 90% of America’s canned pumpkin comes from. “I recognize we have much more serious business to do as a state, but in celebration of the festival, I thought it was appropriate,” Sommer says. Fortunately, no other states are up for grabs to make pumpkin pie their state pie. Pumpkin pie will join other fun state symbols like popcorn as our state snack food. “With its connections to rural life, family and hard work, pumpkin pie symbolizes the values that are close to the heart of all Illinoisans,” the proclamation issued by Governor Pat Quinn notes. In the meantime, enjoy a slice of pumpkin pie and wait for Spring 2015.


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