Annual homecoming pep rally enhances school spirit

Claire VanAken, staff writer

Jacksonville High School celebrated its Homecoming the week of September 23-28 this year. The new school year brings lots of excitement in high school, and with Homecoming approaching fast, the whole student body had lots of fun with many student-led activities planned. From spirit days, the pep rally, football game, parade, and the dance, something everyone seemed to enjoy wass the pep assembly. 

Last year’s assembly was just as exciting as the recent event. There were outstanding performances from the drumline, cheer squad, J’ettes, and Color Guard. Seniors took most of the wins of the numerous contests that were held. The 2018 Homecoming court consisted of the following: Olivia Bobb, Chloe Burrus, Molly Carmody, Sadikshya Ghimire, Sarah May, Myka Thies, Zackary Belford, Austin Dufelmeier, Lukas Hadden, Trevor Huston, Andrew Keller, and Adam Schumacher. On Thursday, last year’s royalty, Trevor Huston and Olivia Bobb, crowned our new 2019 King and Queen.

This year’s pep rally took place on Thursday, September 26, 2019 in the West Gym at JHS. Safely I can say that this event is probably the most exciting thing about Homecoming week, other than the Homecoming dance itself. Students and staff participate in the fun events and games such as girls’ football throwing, boys’ cartwheel contest, pie eating, tug-of-war, pyramid building, wing eating, and class cheers. 

The pep assembly also included the announcement of this year’s Homecoming court. This year’s Queen candidates were Cheney Brewer, Ashley Haggerty, Serenity White, Gabbi Meehan, and Annika Lawless. King candidates were Wil Tomhave, Collin Brunstein, Wes Ervin, Jack Schieldman, and Carlos Rubin de Celis. This year’s Homecoming King and Queen were Wil Tomhave and Serenity Anders. The event winners from this year’s Pep Rally were Arynn Leanard (girls’ football throw), Rees Meggingson (boys’ cartwheel contest), DJ Harris (pie eating contest), Seniors (tug-o-war), Seniors (boys’ pyramid build and final round winners), Seniors (girls’ pyramid build) Mr. Fletcher (staff versus students wing eating competition), and the Seniors (class cheer). 

The 2019 Pep Rally was one for the books and kicked off a great Homecoming weekend!