The poetic voice of J.H.S. students

Kelly Lu, Staff Writer

In English, students are taught how to use and interpret figurative language and writing techniques. Most people have no trouble with them in class – but how many take these skills home and write in their free time?
Poetry is a method of expressing oneself, and these students at J.H.S. are using this method to share their creative sides.

Octavia Sleek, a sophomore, writes about the view of others towards herself.


I am that girl.

The one you see walking down the street.

Not mixed

Not white

Not Mexican

Nor Asian

Just that girl.

Not ugly

Not gorgeous

Not lively

Nor vibrant

Just that person.

I am not “fine”

I am not “thick”

And no I am not “hey shawty”

And no I am not in their eyes

At least not in their eyes

I was somehow just merely an object


“My poem is about the fact that women aren’t considered equal still even though that’s wrong,” Octavia explains about her poem.


Brandon Lester, a freshman, conveys his emotions in this poem.

“Broken Hearts”

Paint a picture of

A certain kind of love

Then throw it all away

That’s the price I was forced to pay

It was all at my expense

When they tore down my defense

I’ve been left broken

With the majority of my side unspoken

There’s no such thing as a resolution

If you never want to approach a solution

So now, I’ll see if it’s in the cards

Waiting to play my lonely queen of hearts.


“For the most part, my inspiration was how most middle school relationships come to an end when entering high school, including my own, which is why I wrote the poem. to really express my feelings on a reality that isn’t really talked about,” Brandon says in regard to “Broken Hearts.”


Junior Elizabeth Hart writes the inspirational poem, “Fly, Fly, Fly.”

“Fly, Fly, Fly”

I climbed a mountain to see the world

And the further I went

The more afraid I became.

When I reached the top,


The callouses on my hands


I was renewed.

I built a home and my head found some peace

I stopped replying to the words you sent me.

I stood among the trees

I could see

The whole time all I had to do was


You told me I was too much

That my entity was a liability

But it’s okay if I am

I have positivity.

I’m going to do something huge.

Take what hurt me and transform it.

Spread it across these anonymous minds

And I will wail no more.

We can rise above

With a little self-love.

But Ms. Poet, there’s so many things to worry about.

I’m drowning in my doubts.

There’s nothing to grab

To stay afloat.

My mind is eating me alive

From the inside.

Take my hand

I’ll teach you to stand.

We’ll coexist

And leave our problems in the midst.

Unclip your wings and

Untangle your heart from the chains

And we can fly, fly, fly.


“I don’t just write because I want to. I write because I need to. Thoughts come to me so quickly, they rush into my head and beg me to put them down…To be able to put down what I’m thinking and share it with the world feels extraordinary”, Elizabeth describes her love for writing.


Sophomore Kelly Lu writes this poem while thinking of someone close to her.


Knock with force, my friend.

Punch the wooden barrier and win,

Like you are about to be murdered,

Because you, in fact, already have been.


Open the door, my friend.

Show the marks of the world being mean,

Including your scars and fresh wounds,

And all your pain that I have never seen.


Come near me, my friend.

Close the distance between us two;

Distance supposedly should not matter,

But I know my presence is needed by you.


Weep and mourn, my friend.

Tell me all that is breaking you apart.

I may end up not saying a word,

But I have been listening from the start.


Hug me tight, my friend.

Let me be the adhesive gluing your shards,

Even if admittedly, I am the same as you:

The ripped and ruined in a deck of cards.


Rest for now, my friend.

Let the adipose on my lap calm you down,

While I playfully trace all your wrinkles,

With hope that you wake up with no frown.


“These words developed in my head as I was thinking about one of  my close friends. This person has gone above and beyond for me, and I only wish I could return the favor. I have not shown this poem to that person and don’t plan to; the words just wanted to go on paper” Kelly explains “Confidant.”


Poetry is an expression of thoughts and feelings from people. You will never find two identical poems because each writer has different reactions to life and different voices to share.

These J.H.S poets are sharing their unique voices with others.