Striving for more

Claire Leanard, Staff Writer

For the past year and a half, students who are a part of the business organization here at the school, DECA, have been working hard on developing and progressing within this new club. Last year, the club consisted of twelve hopeful students who were to compete in three separate competitions. The first competition, districts, takes place in mid-January in the suburbs of Chicago. From there, eight students continued on to state, where they compete against the best of the best in the state of Illinois. The Illinois DECA scene is dominated by schools in and around Chicago and coming from small-town central Illinois can be intimidating. JHS held strong against the competition when Mallory Erickson and I advanced on to internationals with our third place project. Although we did not place at internationals, it was still an experience of a lifetime.

If  you’re wondering what this is all about, DECA is a business organization and competition where students can come together and develop valuable skills. These skills consist of time management, quick thinking, problem solving, and so much more. I personally, through DECA, have become more comfortable in presenting not only in front of judges, but also my own ideas as well and being confident in them.

This year is looking better than last year. Although we have lost an advisor, we have gained many new members who are ready to participate. Already, Sadi Ghimire and Ellie Smith have been working steadily on their community service project. They planned a shower day at the YMCA to provide a place for those who may not have access to running water. This shower day took place on Wednesday, November 9, 2017. They are also holding a “penny war” between each JHS class in order to raise money for their project.  The penny war will be held from November 13-17. We can only hope for the best in finishing the year.