Student Government: Planning all day, every day

Sarah Miner, Staff Writer

Over the past few months, Student Government has been very busy planning and putting on different events for the school. When school started in August, the club started planning Homecoming week. They had many responsibilities in order to produce a great parade, pep rally, and dance that everyone would enjoy. Students from Student Government put together the parade route, the activities at the pep rally, and the decorations for the dance. During Homecoming week, they also put on a food drive to feed people who struggle to get food in their mouths daily.

Following Homecoming, Student Government put on a blood drive which requires more planning and time. The blood drive was very important because donating blood helps to save lives every day, and the students of JHS should get the opportunity to help someone else.

Student Government has many other plans throughout the year that they will be busy with. JHS student body president, Nora Homolka, has many things to take care of when planning each of these events. The members of the club have meetings after school on Wednesdays in order to discuss what is needed for the school. These individuals are here to make the school events and activities run smoothly. Student Government is led by advisor, Jim Chelsvig; president, Nora Homolka; and vice president, Lauren Stidham. These three and the other members of the organization help to do whatever is needed to make the school a fun, safe environment. There are many students involved in student government making it a very well run club with organized ideas.

For anyone thinking about joining Student Government, they are always welcoming new members and people to help. If you want more information, be sure to talk to student body president, Nora Homolka. The important activities Student Government does help to make the school and community a better place.