NHS leading and serving at JHS

Sarah Miner, staff writer

With a new year comes another National Honor Society induction. The invitations went out to the candidates, and interested students are sending in their applications. National Honor Society is a very competitive program which serves to recognize the students who show the four pillars that the program stands for. The four pillars are leadership, character, service, and scholarship.

When asking the NHS president, Morgan Jessie, what exciting plans are coming up for the society, she said, “We have inductions on October 26th which is a mandatory attendance credit for all members, but it will be a great time to induct new members, and we are having a special keynote speaker, so that will help to tie our older members to new ones.” Jessie also discussed the benefits from participating in a program like National Honor Society. She said, “We help our members by allowing them an outlet to not only be proud of what they have accomplished, but giving them new opportunities to be successful and share their bright minds with their communities, their peers, and other individuals that they encounter. In addition, NHS has always been a society dedicated to helping talented students reach their highest potential, and this includes making sure they go to college and so thus they offer many scholarships and help students find resources that help them to prepare for post high school life.”

Jessie is very excited to take charge of the program this year and install new ideas to improve the program. She says, “As president, I help to organize meetings and make sure that everything goes smoothly, not only in the meetings but in planning and fundraising, as well as other key aspects that are not as publicized. I help to make sure everyone has an equal share and part within our chapter and make sure that it is as active as possible. I have to have good interpersonal communication skills so that I can effectively communicate my thoughts and ideas to not only the other officers but also to other members, parents, and others involved.”

National Honor Society is always looking to expand their program to students who are hard working and demonstrate the four pillars that the program sits on. National Honor Society is not only a strong addition to a college application but also a group of people who strive to help in the school and the community. Be sure to talk to a National Honor Society officer or advisor, Ms. Pandya, to see if you are interested in applying to join the program.