FFA: 2015-16 officer team

Marrion Ore, Staff Writer

On May 7, 2015, Jacksonville FFA organization members gathered in the ag shop to hold their monthly meeting. During the meeting, upcoming events like the Downtown Celebration, our incentive canoe trip, the possibility of a community-wide water balloon fight and most importantly, this year’s officer team elections were discussed.

For the officer elections, we decided to start from the bigger positions and then work our way down. Beginning with president, members were faced with voting for either Marrion Ore or Timothy Seymour. In the end, Marrion was congratulated as the new president.

Next in line was Becky Colwell and Tim Seymour for vice president. After brief statements about their goals as an officer, the nominees stepped out of the room, and Becky Colwell won vice president.

Lori Jackson, our 2014-2015 sentinel, then took the stage with Jewel McEvers as each of them answered questions about their proposed position as secretary. Both candidates agreed that organization was a key quality in the ideal secretary. Lori, who will be a junior, was awarded her new secretary journal and binder after being announced as the secretary. “I’ve always wanted to be the secretary–I’ve been working on my handwriting for months!” Lori jokes.

A treasurer’s duties include many things: recording FFA funds, collecting dues, and preparing membership rosters. Running for the treasurer’s position this year were Dillon White and Tim Seymour. When asked what the most important traits of a treasurer are, Dillon replied that treasurer’s should be thrifty and honest. Tim answered that while honesty was important as well as responsibility and detail-orientation. Tim is the official treasurer.

After voting for treasurer, FFA members listened to the speech made by Autumn Browning and Jewel McEvers, who were both running for reporter. Reporters are supposed to take pictures, prepare articles for the school newspaper, and prepare displays around school. Autumn won the position as reporter.

Jenna Wheeler ran against Dillon White for the officer position as a sentinel. The sentinel has to bring snacks to meetings and keep the meeting room and the people in it in order and comfortable. After an intense debate about who would have the best snacks, members favored Jenna Wheeler as the new sentinel.

Last was Christian Hallock. After cracking some jokes and quoting the Bible against Noah Hartsook, FFA members chose him to be our chaplain to say prayers at all official functions.

Don’t forget to congratulate the new 2015-16 Officer Team on their achievements!