Scholastic Bowl has buzzed into the new season

Hannah Harder, Staff Writer

The new Scholastic Bowl season has begun.

This year, there are seven varsity players and nine junior varsity (JV) players. There are five returning seniors: Thomas Estabrook (the varsity captain), Jacob Roth, Hannah Harder, Katie Linder, and Jordin Wyatt. The varsity coach is Ms. Arnold and the JV coach is Mr. Herring.

The teams meet every Wednesday for practice. Varsity meets in 809 and JV meets in 815.

Scholastic Bowl also plays four matches: Tuesday, November 6 at Lanphier; Tuesday, November 13 at Springfield; Tuesday, November 20 at JHS; and Tuesday, November 27 at Southeast. JV’s tournament is on November 17 at Taylorville. Varsity’s tournament is on December 1 at Springfield.

All are welcome at practice.