Quarantine makes Outer Banks an overnight sensation

Samson Mosley, staff writer

With the world in a terribly tragic state at the moment, many people have been turning to entertainment and streaming services in search of a sense of escapism or relief from the current craziness that seems never ending. One of the shows that has taken the world by storm and provided viewers with an action packed show to enjoy during this time of quarantine is Outer Banks on Netflix.

This show follows a group of four kids, who call themselves “Pogues.” JJ, Kiara,  Pope,  and John B make up this loyal band of teens that take pride in their non-superficial nature even though they may be looked down upon by the rich civilians of the island they inhabit due to their socioeconomic standing. The rich civilians are known as the “Kooks” and are despised and loathed by Pogues all across the island. Within this group of Kooks are characters Topper and Sarah, arch nemeses of John B and Kiara. Throughout the show these characters develop surprises for dynamics that add to the unpredictable nature of the show that fans have quickly taken a liking to. Some of the Kooks make amends with the Pogues, but all in all the bond between the Pogues remains the center point of the show. 

Though they aren’t materialistic or well off like their superficial counterparts, the Pogues are fun-loving, happy, and inquisitive individuals. Their curiosity, however, gets them in quite a bit of trouble when they go investigating a shipwreck in search of clues about John B’s father who went missing while researching the wreck. What follows is an emotional rollercoaster of a show with unexpected twists, romances, and moments that will leave viewers yearning for a second season.  

Outer Banks has proven to be a standout show amongst Netflix originals that have been released within the past month and is currently still gaining many viewers. The popularity garnered by this show insures that it will become a go-to program, and signature show for Netflix with a wide audience.