Spies in Disguise: The spy movie without violence

Bre Scott, Staff Writer

Spies in Disguise is a 2019 film starring Will Smith (Agent Lance Sterling) and Tom Holland (Walter Beckett) meant for the whole family. In the movie, Lance Sterling is the world’s greatest spy who must work with kind and nonviolent scientist Walter Beckett in order to save their agency and clear their names. Walter, a bright young adult who graduated from college at age 15, has a fondness of pigeons like no one else; when Lance Sterling suddenly needs his help to clear his name, it gets weird real fast. Although it’s a spy movie, viewers will quickly see that morals and ethics are questioned through the characters’ actions; in other words, necessary violence and pacifism is compared in a kid-friendly way. . By the end of the movie, many viewers might question how the “bad guy” was defeated since it is not very realistic. Nonetheless, the movie is still a good tool to entertain children while simultaneously teaching them to love their neighbors. 

Many critics have plenty of favorable opinions about Spies in Disguise, giving the movie an average of around 3 out of 4 stars. Such opinions include praises of the humor provided; much of the movie consists of humor meant for children that could also be enjoyed by adults, while also throwing in some adult jokes that go over a young person’s head. The animation of Spies in Disguise in general was well done and had an art style that appealed to the eyes. However, it has been noted in several critiques that the underlying plot is unoriginal and has been overdone in the movie industry. The characters are also predictable because of the stencil the plot was made from, and it was quite like other generic spy movies made for kids. Personally, I agree with the average score of 3 out of 4 stars for Spies in Disguise; and it is a great movie if you want an easy going night with your friends.