Timberlake puts on wild show in St. Louis

Claire Van Aken, staff writer

Justin Timberlake and The Tennessee Kids arrived in St. Louis on March 28, 2019 ready to put on one adventurous show for his Man of the Woods Tour. Justin had 88 scheduled shows in North America and 27 shows in Europe, totaling 115 shows. This particular show was rescheduled in December because of Timberlake’s vocal cord complications.

The Man of the Woods Tour opened with Francesco Yates, a 23-year-old Canadian singer-songwriter from Toronto. He was signed to Atlantic Records at 16 years old and shortly after and released a self-titled EP on September 11, 2015. His opener had a fun and energetic vibe for the audience. Many of the songs were covers of artists such as Prince. Yates ended his performance with “the song that made him famous” entitled “Sugar.” Francesco and DJ Robin Schultz tag teamed to revise the original Baby Bash tune then called “Suga Suga.” Justin says that he was very fortunate to discover Francesco’s talent and great energy to warm up his crowd before his performances.

Justin, after a long awaited arrival to the stage, was introduced by his funky band and superb music and dance group The Tennessee Kids. His stage fit his “Man of the Woods” theme and wound like a path across the entire Scottrade Center floor. The path was lined with artificial trees and plants. Justin had a blast interacting with his fans and even being able to step off of his dreamy walkway and onto a light-up floor with his fans, where he danced with his crew to his hit song, “Suit & Tie.” From “Filthy” to “Say Something,” the scene was set with lights, fallen walls of mirrored images, and not to mention the epic campfire and growing grass on stage. He made sure every person in the audience felt right at home.

If you are in need of great music, a funky band and dancers, hands down one of the most innovative sets of all time, and of course, our NSYNC sweetheart, Justin Timberlake, grab yourself a wicked outfit and some tickets to The Man of the Woods Tour at a location near you!