Frightening festivities occur at Six Flags

Samson, Staff Writer

Six Flags is known by many for its fun sights, exhilarating rides, and carefree spirit, but this month the nationally renowned spectacle offers a more sinister option for visitors in the spirit of Halloween. Fright Fest is their yearly spooky addition to the already incredibly thrilling and sometimes anxiety-inducing offerings. With haunted houses, scary decorations, “killer” clowns, and other masked ghouls roaming around, it’s quite a sight to see and definitely an experience worth checking out. The incorporation of eerie elements combined with the already successful signature Six Flags formula makes for an extremely interesting recipe that proves to be a good time for customers every year.

While the decorations may only be a small part of Fright Fest, they sure do manage to heighten the scary nature of the experience. With smoke (dry ice), “bloody” gates, witch’s pots, coffins, and whole “cemeteries” seemingly located around every corner, Fright Fest does not shy away from making visitors feel like they are on the set of a horror movie, or even worse, living in one. 

Though the decorations are definitely worth noting, and undoubtedly add to the theme of the experience, the haunted houses and “monsters” strategically placed in certain areas in order to stalk and terrorize large groups of customers are without a doubt the most notable attractions. The haunted houses offer visitors a chance to pick the level of terrorization they want to endure with one being significantly more scary and intense than the other. Customers certainly get their money’s worth from this attraction in the scare department. The monsters and clowns terrorizing people throughout the park also serve for a fun yet slightly terrifying addition as well. Those playing the scary roles keep in good spirits, however, revealing that it’s all fun and games by taking pictures with customers after the terrorization is over.

Overall, Fright Fest embodies the playful yet scary atmosphere exceptionally well, which is what brings visitors back for more every Halloween season.