Adult living class at JHS runs clothing drive

Kelly Lu, Staff Writer

Between February 24-28, a clothing drive organized by 2nd hour Adult Living class will take place at Jacksonville High School. People can donate gently worn clothes to the main office. All donations will go to the Salvation Army in Jacksonville.  This is a project students do every year for Adult Living, focused on the importance of contributing to one’s community. They are currently learning about the responsibilities of a citizen and how one can be a good community member. These students believe that by collecting clothes for the Salvation Army, they are helping their local area by supporting an organization that strives to help people. The class has split up the labors of this project. Some people designed flyers for the event, others worked on publicizing the clothing drive by calling the local radio station and getting the information on the  school announcements, and some are passing out flyers at the Crimson basketball game on Jan 21st. Also, some students are bringing boxes to collect the clothes and sorting through them. 

“Each year, I have my Adult Living students do an altruistic project. This year my class is made up of 25 seniors. I have been very impressed and overjoyed with the positive response of the students. They have taken the initiative and have run with the project. I can’t wait to see the outcome,” Sandy Hartsook, the teacher of the class marvels. 

The seniors are not being graded for this project and are simply doing it to help those in need in Jacksonville. Some students are also posting the flyer on their social media to encourage people they are friends with to donate. Of course, they are going through their closets and finding clothes to donate themselves as well. Not only does this project help Salvation Army and the people it benefits but also the environment by limiting textile waste to the environment and giving a new use to unwanted clothing. Hartsook and the students of her class are enthusiastic to see the results of their efforts.