Small Town Fun

Julianne Wilson, Staff Writer

Often times small towns seem boring and drab. However, they are a hidden gem of adventures and good times. If you live in Small Town, USA, you may be looking for a few things to do around town.

 Hiking is always a lot of fun. In small towns there are often wide open forests full of adventure. If you are not in the mood to walk, then drive to your local park and hop on the swing. Swinging has been found to be very therapeutic to not only children but also teenagers and adults. Most every town has a lake; go take a stroll on the water’s edge and feel the cool breeze across your body. If you are into technology then download the geocache app. This app is the treasure map of the iPhone. It shows hidden caches around your local town.

 Enough with the outdoors, let’s see what to do inside for the cooler months. I always enjoy a good prank. Think of a friend and call them. Get creative with your identity and see where this takes you. Also, when in a small town, during just the right season, go eat some beans. This is not what you may think. I am not talking about lima beans; I’m talking about soybeans. Take a drive with friends and see who can find the first bean field. Also when in small towns you must embrace your country side. Grab a four wheeler and race down the country hills. 

If you are more of a city gal or gent, go to your downtown to the square and test out local restaurants and small businesses. 

Most importantly, grab your friends and have fun while staying safe. Small towns hold many fun opportunities if you give them a chance.