Jazz band prepares for competition

Amahni Fletcher, Staff writer

As the weeks fly by, the jazz band is in preparation for performances at the IMEA auditions. With players such as Miles Leonard on piano, Andrew Corbridge on trumpet, Jewels Fuqua (who is also part of drumline) on bass, and many other talented musicians, the jazz band is sure to make a great impression. Mr. Johnson, the band director, will be the one to help direct the individual students to their success. They practice everyday in the band room to polish their skills and perfect their performances, and the IMEA auditions are no exception.

The jazz band is also in preparation for many other competitions and performances throughout the year, such as playing at the basketball games at the JHS Bowl during the winter season. With plenty of songs to remember, the jazz band has a lot to practice. But for them, this is the normal routine. For over 20 years, the jazz band has received ones (the highest score a band can receive) on all of their performances at competitions, which sets an outstanding precedent for the many young musicians that are part of this fantastic band.

Mr. Johnson’s involvement with the jazz band is the foundation of their success. His dedication and the relationship he establishes with his students really shows through the way they perform. He truly is the backbone of not only the jazz band but the concert band and orchestra as well. He has a popular reputation among the band students and is even considered a legend among many of them. With his help, direction, and leadership, the jazz band is sure to propel itself into another successful year filled with many amazing performances.