Diagnosis: Senioritis

Sydney Hembrough, Staff writer

My fellow class of 2018, we are almost there. We have nearly completed what some may say were the best four years of our life. Whether we believe it or not, high school is about to be a thing of the past. The days of coming to the same classes with the people you went to kindergarten with everyday are almost over. The path to success looks different for all of us. Some of us will continue our education, while others will start a career. Whatever we all choose to do, new doors will be opened and opportunities will be plentiful. Walking across the stage is something we have all dreamed for a long time. Having that High School Musical moment at graduation is going to feel so rewarding. It is frightening to think that some of us may never see each other again even though we have spent years learning and growing together. Starting this next stage in our lives makes many of us apprehensive, but we have so much to look forward to and look back on. Being a part of the class of 2018 has had its ups and downs, but overall, it has shaped us all into the individuals we are today. Being able to graduate and celebrate our accomplishments together will be an idyllic and empowering moment for all of us.  But for now, we must battle this plague known as “senioritis” and finish the school year strong and confidently.

As the countdown to graduation ebbs closer and closer, our motivation seems to as well. Remember when we complained of senioritis towards the end of the year last semester and thought it couldn’t get any worse?  Well, here we are, with an amplified lack of motivation. It is imperative that we make it through these final days we have together. Even though it seems to practically be over, we still have tests to take, grades to make, and projects to finish before the year ends. Finding the motivation and drive to finish strong seems diabolically impossible, but it is something we have to do. Everyday feels a little bit harder to drag yourself back to this place, but being optimistic for the future can serve as motivation to continue working hard and succeeding. We came in strong together, and we must leave an altruistic mark on our school and community by leaving in the same manner. My fellow class of 2018, THIS is our year. This is our time. Let’s make the last few weeks count!