J’ettes compete at IHSA State competition

Anna Bezler, Staff Writer

The Jacksonville J’ettes Varsity Dance Team just went to the IHSA State competition. As some may know, both the Varsity and JV teams are going to the IDTA State competition next weekend, but only the varsity dance team was allowed to compete in the IHSA State competition. This competition is a huge deal and only the top dance teams get to move on.

The J’ettes have been working very hard this year knowing that they would have to attend not one, but two State Finals this year if they made it. The varsity team has been competing with two routines, a hip hop and a pom dance, with hopes that they would qualify with a high enough score to go to State. At IDTA they get to compete with both routines, but at IHSA they had to pick only one routine to put on the floor. The Varsity team decided to choose Pom to take to IHSA.

In order for the J’ettes to make it to IHSA State, they had to attend one of the many Sectional competitions. They attended the sectionals in Mascoutah, IL. Little did they know that they would come home with 1st place at the Sectionals competition. They were so excited. The top six that day got to move on to the State Competition. The weekend after Sectionals, the Varsity Dance team headed to IHSA State. They were against 30 teams on the first day. The top 12 out of the 30 teams got to move on and compete for the State Championship title the next day. It was so exciting having so many people from Jacksonville there to support the J’ettes. On the first day, the J’ettes took one of the 12 spots that would compete the next day. When the final round came the next day, the J’ettes competed and took home 5th place. It was so exciting to hear that the J’ettes are the 5th best team out of 85 school dance teams. Great job, J’ettes!