Jacksonville J’ettes qualify for State

Anna Bezler, Staff Writer

The J’ettes dance team has been working very hard this year in hopes of taking home a State title. But this year has been very challenging. This year the J’ette coaches decided that there were too many talented girls and that the best decision was to make both a JV and varsity team. In past years, the dancers only competed with two routines. Now, because there are two teams, they have two routines per team. It has been challenging to have time and room for both teams to practice, but it has worked.

The J’ettes have already been to two competitions this year in Belleville and in Edwardsville. Belleville was the first competition, and the girls did very well. The varsity dance team brought a pom dance routine and a hip hop routine to compete. The routines are very high energy and take a lot of skill. The pom routine got 1st place and qualified for State, and the hip hop routine got 2nd place and also qualified for state. The JV dance team brought a lyrical routine and a pom dance routine as well. They got 2nd with both of their routines and qualified in both as well. The J’ettes were very excited that every dance qualified for State at the first competition.

At the Edwardsville competition the girls were relieved that they already qualified for State, so they could just focus on the dances. Both of the varsity routines got 2nd. The JV team scored 2nd in Lyrical, but won 1st in the Pom category. All four routines got a State qualifying score again. Both teams will be going to the IDTA State competition in a few weeks. Emilie Bezler, Camri Middleton, and Anna Bezler will also be taking their solos to State. The varsity team is taking their Pom dance to IHSA sectionals this weekend and hope to make it to IHSA State next weekend. The J’ettes are super excited to finish out this season strong.