Sara’s Dance Company Show in review

Claire Leanard, Staff Writer

The weekend of November 11 marked the showcase for a very prominent dance company, Sara’s Studio of Dance. Every year the studio performs a collection of intricate dances in order to exhibit the type of skill that comes out of their company. This year they broke out with a huge group number involving most of their dancers to promote a good vibe among the crowd in order to get the show started. The company took no time in waiting for the next dance that was performed by senior, Jocelyn Fuhr. She performed a beautiful solo that entranced the audience with alluring movement. Throughout the show the dancers, ranging from all ages, performed their hearts out. The acts kept the crowd enthused the entire time with a wide collection of dance numbers. Hip hop numbers made sure to get the audience hyped up, but the dancers brought it back down with contemporary pieces that were exceptional beyond belief. One of the crowd favorites was the production number “Latin Party” to close the first half of the show. It included vibrant colors with an excited feeling that the crowd just didn’t want to go away. The girls ended the great performance with the entire company in a group dance. It was exciting and left the audience in a wonderful mood.

Sara’s Dance Company Show allowed a group of girls to come together and spread the love of dance with their community. They all put on an excellent performance that they should all be proud of. To the girls who danced their last show, it was bittersweet. Anna and Emilie Bezler, Regan Davis, Jordan Brockhouse, Jocelyn Fuhr, Camri Middleton, and Sydney Hembrough were the extraordinary seniors who held the show together. Their skill and hard work showed through and gave the performances a little something extra. They should be very proud of how far they have come since their first dance company show.