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Senior girls decorate for Homecoming

Grayce Lillpop, Staff Writer

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As the clock strikes 10pm, the school lights flash on and the graduating ladies of 2018, with arms full of streamers, duct tape, posters and unblown balloons, pour into the empty school for the annual senior girls’ overnight. The 70+ senior girls, along with the additional female chaperones, were locked into the school building for six hours to completely decorate the school from the ground to the ceiling for Homecoming week at Jacksonville High School. The theme for this year’s Homecoming is “150 years” and the senior girls decided to decorate the school “through the ages” as the banner above the entrance to the school clearly reads.

The 200 hallway is decked out in everything 20’s from gold and black streamers draped from the ceiling all the way to 17” round gold, black and white balloons being placed on the walls. The 400 hallway was everything 50’s and rockin’ it. The walls had a faux diner look with checkerboard tiles just screaming the 50s! Second to last was the groovy 70’s. Tie dye, rainbow streamers and flowers galore were absolutely, without a doubt, making a statement. The 80’s didn’t disappoint either with the colorful streamers weaving in and out of each other on the 800 hall ceiling and the funky cd’s hanging from the ceiling as well.

Mrs. Langhoff, a science teacher here at JHS, said about the class “The senior girls are a good group of young ladies.  They were freshman my first year teaching at JHS, and it has been fun seeing them grow into leaders.” She also added the role she plays here at JHS and how she, as a teacher, can relate to these soon to be college freshman. “ I am a teacher at JHS; this is my fourth year.  Even though my job title is teacher, I am also a ‘student.’  I am continually learning, whether it is about my students or how to use the latest technology…”

There were several memorable moments that night that will last a lifetime for us seniors. We are valuing the time we share together down to the seconds; they all count when we are all going to be on our own journeys away from Jacksonville sooner rather than later.

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Senior girls decorate for Homecoming