Class of ’21 joins Jacksonville High School

Sky Moberly, Staff Writer

This year we are welcoming the Class of 2021 to Jacksonville High School.

Some freshmen might be a little terrified to be walking the halls of such a big school and some probably feel more comfortable and excited. Don’t worry about it too much; eventually everyone learns the way around the school. My advice to all freshmen is to get involved; plus, it’s always fun! Doing things like this will make freshman year even more fun and exciting. Participate in the spirit weeks, go to the football games, and earn memories that can be passed on to the next freshman class. Also dedicate time to studying. Grades are important for the next four years. Enjoy freshman year because it’s about to pass by quickly.

I recently discovered this quote from a 1940 JHS yearbook regarding freshmen: “Now here’s a sight that’s quite pathetic.  A bunch of Frosh and energetic. They bow to teachers so politely and study I hear almost nightly. They’re all just infants. But they’ll learn; for those green day’s, they’ll sadly yearn. Let them live in sweet response ‘cause once they’re sophs well heaven knows! Don’t let us scare you Freshies green it’s just that all four years we’ve seen. We know it’s joy and sorrow too. But joyous times are all too few. And now your green days are almost o’er; you had lots of luck here’s wishing you more. As you leave these dear portals with knowledge well clad, we’ll say, “You’re the best Freshman Class a school ever had.”