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The 60th Annual Beaux Arts Ball

Abby Mitchell, Staff Writer

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The 60th annual Beaux Arts Ball took place in Jacksonville on Saturday, April 29. The theme for the 60th year of the ball was “Pop Revolution: Revive the Movement” and was co-chaired by Sarah Van Aken and Kristin Van Aken.

The event serves as the Jacksonville Art Association’s most prominent fundraiser for the David Strawn Art Gallery.

The ball began at 7pm at the Jacksonville Bowl. This year’s Beaux Arts Ball featured numerous kindergarteners and eighth graders as well as eight senior maids, including JHS seniors Abby Mitchell, Molly Jackson, Kaylee Ezard, Taylor Ervin, Michaelene Mays, and Kate Schildman. The setup featured pop art, vibrant colors, polka dots, and painted chairs.

After the ball came to a close, with Katherine Hackett being crowned queen, a reception was held at the gallery and then onto a fun night at the Jacksonville Country Club. Here Jacksonville art supporters enjoyed food, company, and music.

The Beaux Arts Ball is an essential fundraiser for the Art Association of Jacksonville. An abundance of time and hard work is put into the ball each year by various different members of the community to make the ball a success each year.

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The 60th Annual Beaux Arts Ball