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J’ette Officer tryouts happen soon

Anna Bezler, Staff Writer

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The J’ettes are known for being well-behaved, beautiful dancers. This is all because of how the practices are led. With J’ette tryouts coming up, the coaches will have to pick their new leaders for the team as well. These officer tryouts will take place a few weeks before the team tryout. The girls must have been on the team at least one year to qualify to tryout for officer. Last year there were two captains and five squad leaders, but those numbers may vary. The leaders chosen will lead the team and go above and beyond all year to bring the J’ettes to the next level.

The tryout for leaders can be very stressful. To begin, they had to fill out an application form about their personal strengths and weaknesses, and what they would bring to the table this year. Before these tryouts they have to send out teacher recommendation forms to make sure that all the girls are behaving in class. The day of the tryouts consists of two things: an interview with the coaches and a one-minute routine that they choreographed. This day is very important, but how the girls have worked at practices in the past years is even more important. At the end of that day, the coaches will immediately reveal who the squad leaders and captains are for the season.

The officers chosen will have many duties and responsibilities throughout the season, but the first one is helping with team tryouts. The captains chosen will make up the tryout routine and the squad leaders will help the captains teach it at tryouts. They will stay positive all week and answer any questions the girls trying out may have. These team leaders are a huge reason for why the J’ettes are so successful every year.

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J’ette Officer tryouts happen soon