FFA National Convention

Marrion Ore, staff writer

This year, nine members of the Jacksonville FFA ventured to visit National Convention. In its 87th year, the annual National Convention was held in Louisville, Kentucky. The lucky members who were able to go enjoyed an exciting trip with activities like one opening session, two concerts (Justin Moore and Scotty McCreery), a rodeo,  and learning about FFA all over America. The trip-goers left on October 29, bright and early at 5:30 AM. When they arrived, they checked into their hotel about 45 minutes away from Louisville and went to Dairy Queen for lunch, which Mary Ingram jokingly said was the highlight of the entire trip. “It was delicious to finally eat Dairy Queen, since we no longer have one in Jacksonville,” she added. Afterwards, they attended Opening Session that had a really cool music-accompanied light show. Members had the chance to talk to colleges and shop at the career fair, go swimming, or even talk with other FFA members at the hotel. Morgan Lonergan, a senior, said her favorite part of the trip was the rodeo. Lonergan mentioned, “The worst part of convention was when it snowed on Halloween!” The morning after Halloween, trip-goers packed up and headed home. After the adventure, Eric Wilson reflected on the trip, “The trip was amazing. [FFA National] Convention is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Anybody who gets the opportunity should definitely go.”

Want to go to National Convention next year?

Enlist in an agriculture class and join FFA to start qualifying for State and National convention as well as our summer trip.