European adventure

Lacey Spaenhower, Staff Writer

Over the summer, Courtney Norton traveled to Europe with the Student Ambassador program called People to People.  The organization gives people a chance to interact with other countries and expand their knowledge.

Courtney is a senior here at JHS, and she along with others in the program traveled to Italy, France, and London. She not only met new people in her group, but she met new people in the different countries as well.

Throughout her time in Europe, Courtney was able to experience many different things.  She even made a friend that she plans on staying in contact with and her name is Kayleen.  She plans on visiting her over the summer.

Courtney really enjoyed her experience with the Student Ambassador program and would recommend it to others. She also said that the destinations depend on how old the person is.

As for ever returning to Europe with the program she said that she wouldn’t, and I can’t blame her.  You could get the chance to see more if you went on your own.

However, Courtney did say that she had a good time with the program. Also when asked if she was scared about going to Europe, she said that she really wasn’t.

Overall she said that her favorite part of the entire trip was the fact that she was able to meet all the different people.  The trip truly opened her eyes and showed her different things in the world that she wouldn’t normally see.

So if this Student Ambassador’s program has gotten your attention, then log onto‎ and find out more about what this program has to offer.