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Sydney Hembrough is a girl full of spunk and love for life. Anyone who knows her could attest that her love for chocolate and sour candy sure does contribute to her high-energy personality. Although she has never been a part of the school newspaper, her love for writing and current job at The Source sparked her interest in journalism. Making the grades has always been a driving factor in Sydney’s life. She has recently seen her hard work pay off during her inductions into the National Honor Society, National English Honor Society, and National Spanish Honor Society. After school, Sydney can be found in the Jacksonville High School gym, leading her squad during J’ette practice. While most of her time is spent in the dance studio or practicing for the upcoming school pep events, Sydney’s role as the president of Interact Club has allowed her to dedicate her free time bettering the lives of those both in her community and around the world. Filling and tagging the pages of the yearbook is another thing Sydney has spent countless hours doing during her time at JHS, even well into the beginning weeks of summer. Her most current hobby includes putting her creativity to the test by producing Youtube videos for her growing lifestyle channel. This channel has provided her with many opportunities, including becoming a part of a network of Youtubers geared directly towards empowering young women. Despite her busy schedule, she somehow finds time to rediscover one of her older passions, baking. In fact, younger, more awkward Sydney used to be a part of the “Cupcake Crew” with her best friend, Grayce. They were positive they were going to go viral with their unique cupcake creations such as peanut butter and jelly cupcakes and strawberry filled cupcakes. Let’s just say, their futures are not in the baking industry. Looking to win a spot in her heart? Bring her shopping. That certainly never disappoints. Her family recently grew by two heads and eight legs. Her long-eared basset hound puppies keep her entertained at home, as well as her three little brothers. In fact, her youngest brother, Lincoln, started kindergarten this year. Many waterworks occurred as her mom’s baby girl entered senior year, and her last baby just started with his “firsts.” After Sydney walks across the stage as a part of the class of 2018, she plans to attend a four-year university to major in public relations. She looks forward to starting a career that allows her to do what she does best, talking and ruling social media!

Sydney Hembrough, Staff Writer

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