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At this time Samson Mosley is a young man still trying to navigate his way through life and figure out what he wants to achieve in it. Although this junior may be indecisive about what he specifically wants to do for the rest of his life, he does have interests that he is passionate about and works to improve on everyday. He hopes these interests will steer him in the right direction in terms of work and provide an opening to his adult life.

As someone who is an extremely deep thinker and sometimes gets lost in his thoughts, Samson’s main interest along with reading is writing. He views writing as a way to productively express his thoughts as well as a way to inform others of important events and information. Having had many experiences that may be beyond his years, Samson tries to find a way to implement his experiences, thoughts, and feelings into his writing as a sort of therapeutic expression. He’s found that observing, whether through first-hand experience or watching TV and movies (which he also loves doing), can be very helpful to his skill as a writer.

Although writing may arguably be his main interest, he also loves watching movies and TV, bike riding, traveling, and spending time with his family and friends. Laughing is also another one of his favorite activities, and it’s something that he can’t go a day without doing. He can also be very driven. As long as he has some level of interest in something, he can immerse himself in it because he enjoys learning. Learning about life and gaining more knowledge that can teach him something valuable excites him. Overall he is an accepting, open-minded, individualistic, and kind person who ultimately wants to be happy and find a craft that he is passionate about and can dedicate himself to.

Samson Mosley, Staff Writer

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