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Samson Mosley has experienced more than you would expect from a tenth grade student. Having seen a lot of places and different aspects of life, he always chooses to have an open mind and a positive outlook on life. Between traveling, biking, watching TV, and reading and writing, Samson always finds something to invest himself in. He finds that within all the activities that he likes, communication is key in all of them, and verbalism is a form of communication that allows you to express your own beliefs and opinions. This is why writing is one of his favorite activities to do. His love for writing is what interested him in journalism, as well as the fact that journalism may help him continue his passion for writing even after high school and into college. Although at the moment he doesn’t necessarily plan to go into a journalism career due to his interest in other fields, that doesn’t mean he will stop writing. There is room for more than one interest in life so having multiple is something he looks at positively and plans to focus on more in the future.

Samson Mosley, Staff Writer

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