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Jacob Hall has finally reached his junior year, his 11th year in school. Though many were skeptical as to whether or not he would make it, he beat the odds and has survived. He is an avid cat-lover and will gladly show off his two cats that he loves with all his heart. The only rival to his feline companions is Jacob’s love of soccer. He supports the Manchester City Soccer Club, which is part of England’s Premier League and absolutely wants to travel there one day just to watch his favorite team. Most teens Jacob’s age can’t wait to get home from a long day of school in order to sleep, but not him. Jacob loves to play soccer for his high school varsity team. When he’s not on the soccer field, he will most likely be helping people at his church or playing video games with his friends. Jacob can’t wait to get out of school and head off to college like most teens; however, he hasn’t figured out what he wants to do with his life yet. He is pretty sure living life as a hobo riding the rails is out of the question. If he had to choose one job, he would want to work with something involving history or law enforcement. Jacob has thought long and hard about the impact that journalism could have on him and the experience of writing so much will be good for him. Having good communication skills is important. He looks forward to working with the rest of the journalism staff to make this a great year!

Jacob Hall, Staff Writer

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