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Hannah Preston
Hannah Preston

Hannah Preston’s high school career has been chock-full of exciting SpongeBob Squarepants marathons and a mess of crazy classes, but for her junior year, she is ready to embark on this wonderful journey once again.  Besides effortlessly burning food beyond recognition (other than Kraft Mac and Cheese, of course), Hannah’s talents include accidentally catching up on last night’s sleep in history class, falling in love with fictional characters, and pretending she can sing in Korean.  She is an extreme animal lover and a professional fangirl.  Forever the band geek, Hannah plays flute as well as the piccolo.  Amongst the insanity of a high school schedule, she finds solace in Tumblr and YouTube, among other social-networking sites.  On a Friday night, you will probably find Hannah on her computer, re-blogging cat pictures to her heart’s content.  She spends the rest of her weekends watching strange horror movies and doing even stranger things with her friends.  After high school, Hannah plans on going to college and getting a job that she loves.  This year, as part of the Crimson J staff, Hannah hopes to embrace the true meaning of journalism and leave an even higher standard for next year.  She can’t wait to see what her junior year has to offer.

Hannah Preston, Staff Writer

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