J’ette dance team hosts another amazing Pom Revue

Kylie McCaherty, Staff Writer

On November 2nd, the J’ette dance team hosted their annual Pom Revue. The Pom Revue includes different studios and teams showcasing their routines to raise money for the J’ettes. Every year on the Friday before the Revue, the dance team hosts a kiddie camp for grades Pre-K to 8th. They perform the dances that they learned at camp at the Pom Revue the next day. This year, there was even a group of young boys who decided to go to the kiddie camp and also perform! The groups that performed at the Revue were the J’ettes, the kiddie camp campers, the JMS dance team, Stevens’ School of Dance & Gymnastics, Sara’s Studio of Dance, the JMS cheer team, the Lincoln dance team, JHS cheer, and J’Crew. 

The J’ettes began the show by signing the National Anthem and then performing their “Home Routine.” They also performed their “Team Dance” and closed the show by performing “J’Crew” with their partners. Each age group from the kiddie camp learned their own dances to perform. The Pre-K danced to the song “Happy & You Know It” and the Kindergarten performed their dance “High Top Shoes.” The first graders did a cute Pom routine called “Number One You.” The 2nd/3rd grade and the 4th/5th grade performed some lyrical pieces called “Don’t Call Me Angel” and “Secrets.” The junior high aged girls did a dance to the iconic song “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” The JMS dance team performed two outstanding pieces! One was “Baby I’m A Star” and the other was “Thriller.” Steven’s studio performed some jazz and some lyrical dances, “Lady Marmalade,” “Stand By Me,” “Ashes,” and “Here I Come.”  Sara’s Studio put on an amazing show with their large group dances, “Cardi B,” “Bites The Dust,” “Take It All,” and “JLo.” JMS Cheer and JHS Cheer also did some cheers for the audience that showed amazing tumbling and stunting. Finally, the Lincoln Dance Team performed for the first time with their “Salute to 2020 Olympics.” Everyone put on an amazing and entertaining show! 

The Pom Revue would not have been possible without people providing help and support. The Master of Ceremonies was Matt Fraas and Kylie McCaherty was in charge of the music. The coaches of the Jacksonville J’ettes are Tiffany Hickox and Allyson Maul. The JMS Cheer coach is Emily Hudson and the JMS Dance coach is Heidi Anders. The Lincoln Dance Squad coaches are Jan Ryan, Amy Jackson, Paige Hadden, Esha Kulkarni, Amelia Symons, and Grace Turner. The coach for Sara’s Studio of Dance is Sara Roegge, and the coaches for Stevens School of Dance & Gymnastics are Amy Kaufmann, Calla Kaufmann, Eleanor Stevens, and Dr. Tom Stevens.