The NFL Is Underway!

Jackson Graham, Staff writer

The regular season for the NFL is underway and most of America is excited for the season to come. 

Multiple multi-million dollar contracts have gone down in the books this summer as Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas got a 5-year extension for $100 million. At this moment Michael Thomas is currently the highest paid receiver in the NFL, coming close to him are Odell Beckham Jr. getting paid $90 million and Antonio Brown making $50 million. These were some of the major moves that went on during the offseason and some of the pre season. 

The biggest news besides getting paid literally millions upon millions are trades. During the off season there were a lot of trades and they absolutely stunned America. As of last year the Chicago Bears signed Khalil Mack, an outside linebacker which really shocked the world. Now this season, two well-known players have signed with some not-so-popular teams in the NFL. This offseason former New York Giants star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. signed with the Cleveland Browns for $90 million. Also former Pittsburgh Steeler wide receiver Antonio Brown signed with the Oakland Raiders after requesting a trade from the Steelers because of drama between Antonio and Ben Roethlisberger. As a result of this, cities and fans went nuts over the news and Odell’s jersey was the most trending on NFL’s shopping website.

 The Cleveland Browns are expected to be a tough team this year, unlike other years where they were pushed around and beaten with ease. Also the Oakland Raiders are having many issues with Antonio as he has refused to wear the new helmets that are required for safety. He believes that he should be able to wear his old helmet and not have to wear the new ones. This has caused outrage throughout the staff of the NFL along with the Oakland Raiders. Tensions have stirred and now the GM of the Oakland Raiders has had a few words with Antonio and Antonio has not liked them. Antonio put out a screenshot of the email the GM sent to him and was not very polite when responding. With that being said Antonio is believed to be benched and play for another team next year rather than the Raiders. 

As the season gets started the fans will expect greatness from their team. This season will definitely be one to remember.