Crimson football starts new season

Michael McNulty, Staff Writer

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I got to interview Head Coach Mr.Grounds of the JHS Crimsons. This is for the readers to get his perspective on the 19-20 football season. Read on to get the quotes and information about the main question who have been asking about JHS football.
I asked Mr.Grounds if he thinks his kids will be ready for this season and he said, “Yes, they are because there have been great turnouts in the weightroom, good confidence in the players, and a great group of kids.” Also I asked him what his expectations in his players and he said that they put in the work and perform at the best of their abilities and overall give a great effort. Mr. Grounds said, “Football is beneficial for young people because it teaches you to work through struggles and build team building skills.” Another comment from Mr. Grounds is, “football makes you college and career ready because it teaches you goal setting and gets you in the mindset of finishing what you have started.” I asked if he had any goals for this season and he said, “The goal is to win every game, improve week to week, and to build a bond with my players.” I also asked if he expects too much for his players, and he said, “I only expect that they strive for perfection and work towards it with all their effort.” The last thing I asked him was if he had any lifetime goals and he said, “when I’m is done look back on it and take one game at a time.”
So thanks for reading, and that is all. Best of luck to the JHS football team this season. I believe that they could go all the way this season so check in with comment for answers. I hope to see all of you at the games.