Manchester City: Kings of England

Jake Hall, Staff Writer

This year’s Premier League season is coming to an end. Teams are being relegated and some are in a higher position than they’ve ever dreamed of being. This year’s season has come with many surprises and some despairing moments all in one.

This season’s champion of England is Manchester City. Manchester City technically won the league on April 15 when Manchester United, in second place, lost to West Bromwich Albion 1-0. However the Premier League trophy was presented to them on May 6 after their game versus Huddersfield Town at home. Each player on Manchester City’s starting squad that has played at least five games was also awarded a Premier League medal. Manchester City was hoping to start off their trophy celebration with a win versus Huddersfield but settled with a 0-0 draw. This draw did not spoil the celebrations, however, as Manchester City still celebrated their winning season with fireworks and the lifting of the Premier League trophy.

Manchester City has busted the record books this year, smashing previous team’s records easily. Manchester City has the most consecutive wins in the league with 18, the previous record being 13. They have scored the most goals in history in one season with 105 and one game left to go, breaking the old record of 103 goals. City has the most wins in the league in one season with 31 breaking the record of 30. Finally City has broken the Premier League points record with 97 points in the league. Manchester City has only one game left to go which means they are able to break 100 points in the league if they win against Southampton on May 13.

Manchester City has also broken transfer records this season with spending $400 million on players. City bought goalkeeper Ederson Moraes for around $49 million and defender Aymeric Laporte for $77 million, both transfer records for their positions. Fans and journalists agree that these players helped assist Manchester City to their record-winning season.