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Girls’ tennis: New year, new team

Sarah Miner, staff writer

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Over the past month, the Lady Crimson tennis team has been getting into gear for the upcoming season. The team consists of  nine seniors, eight juniors, three sophomores, and two freshmen. The girls are working hard and each has her personal goals for the 2017-2018 season. Whether it be working up the ladder to a higher spot or placing at a tournament, each team member is ready to practice hard and make it happen.

The ladies won last week in a meet against Lanphier 8-1, however fell short a few days later to Rochester 2-7. When asking what the dynamic of the team was like, team captain and number one player, Abigail Swift says, “Each year the team seems to get bigger and bigger. There are all ages working together to try and win.” Swift also talked about different strategies she had when in a doubles match. She said, “My doubles partner, Ashlyn Eddings, and I both like to have lots of fun on the court together; however, we also know how to work together to win. We have figured out what side works better for each other and that sometimes it is better for us both to stand back at the base line. It all depends on who our opponent is.” Swift is excited for the season and the whole team works very hard when preparing before a meet against another school. When asking Swift for a run down of a practice the day before a meet, she explains, “Practices the day before a match consist of stretching, running, conditioning, and an exhibition match of singles or doubles against a person on the team to get ready.” The tennis team is about half way through their season and continues to play teams every week. There are matches coming up, be sure to check out the calendar to see upcoming games!

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Girls’ tennis: New year, new team