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Jacksonville High School softball team flushes the toilet

Molly Jackson, Staff Writer

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“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference”- Winston Churchill. As of Wednesday, April 12, this is the new motto for the girls’ softball team. The girls found themselves getting highly discouraged and feeling down after every mistake. One day, the team’s pitcher, Ragen Myers, was reading Throw Like a Girl written by Jennie Finch, a former pitcher for Team USA, when one passage caught her eye. It read, “When we would strike out at the plate, or when a pitcher would give up a run, the psychologist wanted us to flush the tiny toilet. That was supposed to symbolize flushing the past away, getting rid of whatever bad just happened, letting it go.” Inspired by this, she told the coach and they decided to surprise the team with their very own tiny toilet. The training toilet even makes noise when it’s flushed. Now, for every game, the team has the toilet with them in the dugout to flush away mistakes. They can now let the bad things go.

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Jacksonville High School softball team flushes the toilet