Senior Trip 2019: Six Flags

Camri Anderson, Staff Writer

On May 9, the seniors had their class trip to Six Flags in Eureka, Missouri. The day started with assembling the seniors into the auditorium for attendance and bag checks, along with loading on the charter buses. The departure took longer than expected; that also could be because I was the last row to be dismissed before getting on the bus. When arriving on the bus, I made sure to scope out a seat with an outlet for my phone and portable charger. The charter buses were very nice and they had TVs in them. My bus did not watch a movie on the way down but watched a movie on the way back to Jacksonville. I wish I would’ve been able to fall asleep on the bus ride over, but the excitement was killing me.

Upon arrival, we waited a decent amount of time for our class sponsors to get our tickets in order to enter the park. Our buses arrived when a bunch of middle school kids had just gotten there too. We had four chaperones on the trip–Ms. O’Dell, Ms. Williams, Mr. Gibson, and Mr. Radford. Ms. O’Dell, the psychology and a geography teacher at JHS, and Mr. Gibson, a business teacher at JHS, were my bus chaperones. It was a pretty chill and relaxing time on the way up even though I didn’t sleep. We received two tickets, a lunch ticket and an entrance ticket.

Once we got into the park, a group of us had to use the restrooms at the front gate. After that, my group formed and it ended up being five of us to begin the trip and ended with nine. My group included Gracie, Abbi, Liddy, and Orion. We tried to conquer the Batman first, but it was temporarily closed. Abbi and Liddy conquered it at the end of the day but some of us, including me, were roller coastered out. We then rode a spinning ride that I don’t know the name of and Justice League. We rode Justice League twice because we had people join us midway through the day. We ended our roller coaster fun with American Thunder before lunch.

Then we had our catered lunch. It honestly was not that bad. Hot dogs, chips, potato salad, baked beans, and chicken fingers were some of the items on the buffet. After our stomachs were full, we rode Justice League and Mr. Freeze. Mr. Freeze is my favorite ride ever! This time, we sat in the very back and it was Gracie’s first time ever on the ride. Before going on the ride, we met a ton of Jacksonville people and stayed to watch others’ reactions when the ride started. After Mr. Freeze, my group went on the Superman, which is basically a big ride that drops you whenever the person in charge of the ride decides to drop you. After that we rode our last two rides of the day which were Screaming Eagle and The Boss. We grabbed food on the way to meet the rest of the group before our departure. My group got ice cream and a ton of other JHS students and chaperones did the same. I personally wanted fries but ended up giving them to people to eat because I couldn’t finish them and got popcorn for the ride home.

Overall, Six Flags was a great day and I will look back on my senior year remembering my senior trip. I also got my nap on the way home. We even watched a Marvel movie, Ant Man and the Wasp. We started the day with DC comic characters and ended with Marvel as Ms. O’Dell said when the bus left Six Flags and headed homeward bound.