No time for senioritis

Camri Anderson, Staff Writer

The countdown for seniors is on. Graduation is approximately 50 days, 7 weeks, and I haven’t counted many hours yet. Seniors are talking about graduation parties, senior superlatives, cap and gowns, and all the exciting things that seniors get to experience in the next two months. I know I’m piteously talking about how hard the stretch is till graduation, but I am struggling to stay on topic. Most people are figuring out where they are going to college and deciding on their major. Even if people aren’t exactly sure what they want to do or where they want to go, many seniors have a good idea what they are looking for in either school or a career.

With all the exciting events happening in the next two months, it is hard not to get sucked into all the laziness that goes along with the excitement. My mind is so dispersed that is is extremely hard to stay on topic during the school day. After spring break, I personally feel like it has been a struggle to stay on top of my work. Mrs. Lee talked to the seniors on Tuesday and said, “Remember to finish strong.” Honestly, I just feel like if I were running that race right now, I would be briskly walking across the finish line, not running.

When I started my senior year, I didn’t really believe in senioritis. My interest in school work is very mundane during this final stretch to graduation day. I thought it was kind of silly. Now fast forward to today. Wow, senioritis hits you like a rock second semester. Some people may joke around stating they have “junioritis” or “sophomoritis,” but if you were sitting where most seniors are right now, you would really understand what senioritis is. Even if you still get all your assignments in on time and are doing your work, which is where I am right now, you find yourself daydreaming about college life and not really tuning in with what is due in AP Language in a month or so. I don’t wish to linger at JHS any longer though.  

To wrap senioritis up in a nutshell, I would say this. It does exist and it does happen. Whether you fall victim to senioritis, and if you choose to wrestle with it, just make sure you “finish strong” before time is too late. Don’t succumb at the end of the school year.