A letter to a junior about to begin senior year

Sydney Hembrough, Staff writer

Juniors – this one’s for you. I know you have all seen articles shared on Facebook dedicated to the soon-to-be graduate. While graduation is an exciting time that you may already be longing for, you have a whole year until then to look forward to. Going into your last year of high school can be exciting and a bit scary. There are so many changes about to occur, and your urge to finish will be greater than it has ever been. Take it from someone who is about to walk these halls for the final time. When you look back on your four years of high school, the memories you will make during your senior year will be some of the greatest. I could go on and on about how important it is to participate in school events or spirit week, but if you aren’t already doing so, you probably know that you are missing out. In a few short months, you will begin your lasts. Some will be more emotional than others, but each is a representation of how far you’ve come and how far you will go.

One of my biggest regrets was living for Fridays, the next long weekend, or even the end of the day. Wishing it all away became normal for me because I was so excited to move on to bigger and better things. My biggest advice to soon-to-be seniors would be to cherish every single moment. Soon, life won’t be so simple. You won’t wake up at the same time everyday to go to school with the kids you have been in class with for years on end. You will no longer have a set time to eat lunch everyday or the assurance that you will see someone you know from the moment you walk in the doors of the classroom. The after school practices will soon come to an end, and everything you have ever known will too. It took me about a semester of senior year to realize how comfortable high school really was. You went from grade to grade with no worry of what you were going to do next. That is all about to change. Having one year left of comfort, I advise you to take advantage of it.

With so many exciting things ahead of you, I hope that you are able to make so many memories. There are so many fun things to do as a senior, including just being the “top dogs” of your school. Don’t just sit at home. This is the last year you have with the people you have grown up with. Whether that is a good thing or not, don’t take it for granted. These people have shaped you into the person you are today. From this day, you have each other for one more short year. You can say that you will stay in touch, but as you all go your separate ways, you will be surprised who is really there for you when you come home for holidays. Go out and have fun. Make every single day you have left with each other count. I have gotten out of the house more this past year than all of high school, and I am sitting here wondering why I didn’t do this all along. You may be too tired on Friday nights to do anything, but I promise you that hanging out with your true friends will always win over taking a nap. With that being said, make smart choices. You aren’t on your own just quite yet. Don’t make a choice that could throw all of your hard work and dedication away. Keep in mind that final transcripts are still a representation of your education and will be sent to the college of your choice.

Juniors, exciting times are ahead of you. Get ready to have the best year of your high school career. Start your college search, but don’t let that consume your whole senior year. Figuring out who you are will be a result of the year you are about to embark on. Always remember that it is never too late to start something new, but keep in mind where you have come from. It will soon be your turn to walk across the stage, Class of 2019, and I wish you the very best.