Pumpkin patches give fall fun

Julianne Wilson, Staff Writer

Fall has encroached on us this October. To fully embrace this season I visited three pumpkin patches. First I went to Jefferies apple orchard in Springfield, then I explored the lavish Apple Barn in Chatham, and finally I explored Greenville Farms LLC.

The first pumpkin patch I visited this fall was Jefferies Apple Orchard. This family owned orchard is towards the west end of Springfield. I visited on a Saturday afternoon and was pleasantly surprised by the awesome hospitality. It was free to get in; however, they had goods for sale. The star of the orchard was Twinkle, the miniature pony. They had three miniature ponies that were all very friendly and good with kids. Jefferies also had great photo ops! My friends and I took pictures on a tractor! 

The next stop on my fun fall tour was Apple Barn. Apple Barn is located on the main road in Chatham. This was definitely a quicker stop compared to Jefferies Apple Orchard. There was no fee to get in; however, the pumpkins came with a price. This patch definitely held the most unique pumpkins. From gourds to bumpy to white pumpkins, I had plenty to post on my VSCO. This felt more like a store to me than a family farm. I did not like the vibe of Apple Barn as much as the others I visited. 

A few weeks later, I completed my pumpkin patch tour at Greenfield Farms LLC. This is the biggest pumpkin patch housed outside of Carrollton. I had a great time in the maze. There was a plethora of animals to view and pet including pigs, chickens, puppies, and a mule! This is a completely free patch (besides the pumpkins, of course)! My favorite part of this patch was the sunflower patch. 

Looking back, all the patches had their strengths and weaknesses. Jefferies Apple Orchard was small but had a homey feel. On the other hand, Apple Barn felt a little too industrialized and not very cozy. Lastly, Greenfield Farms was the biggest but a little in shambles. I hope to continue my autumn quest for more fun fall activities!