Here Comes Fall!

Maycee Hurt, Staff Writer

With autumn pretty much here, the weather has gotten significantly cooler. With a drop in temperature, one may feel obligated to stay in their house and watch movies or bake a festive fall dessert. While these activities can be fun, there is so much more to autumn!

         During the fall, it gets pretty chilly outside. Take this opportunity to go shopping with your friends for adorable fall outfits! Oversized sweaters, boots, and scarves can make you feel excited for the colder weather approaching! 

         Once you’ve gotten a few stylish outfits, head out to a pumpkin patch. Have an amazing time trying to escape the corn maze or having a photo shoot with all the pumpkins you just bought! Pumpkin patches can be a great way to spend a fall day. When you bring the pumpkins home, don’t forget to carve or paint them for Halloween!

         Not only are pumpkin patches known for their fall fun, but you could always hit up an apple orchard and try their homemade apple cider and pick your own apples straight off the tree! This can be so much fun with your friends, and you can even use those apples to make a delicious apple pie when you get home! 

        Fall is also about all things scary. Don’t miss this opportunity to take a trip to Six Flags in St. Louis for their “Fright Fest.” If you’re a fan of haunted houses and you love rollercoasters, this is the place for you. Head out there with a few friends and have an amazing time seeing all of the terrifying people and riding all of your favorite rides. If that’s not an option for you or maybe you just don’t like rollercoasters, visiting a normal haunted house is always a great way to spend your night as well. Bundle up in a coat and hat and brave the creepy actors waiting inside! 

         In all, fall can seem boring and cold and make you want to stay inside all day long, but there are so many ways you can make this autumn one to remember! Spend your day at the pumpkin patch or apple orchard and make some fun treats for your family and friends. Then when night comes, get spooked at “Fright Fest” or a haunted house and spend your night terrified with your friends. Find ways to make this fall count!