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Ten reasons to 💙 the holidays

Molly Jackson, Staff member

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  1. Family and friends are always closer around the holidays. Nobody can be mad at each other this time of year. After all, you need to get your presents.
  2. Presents!! Whether you like giving or getting, we all have something on our wishlist.
  3. Hallmark movies. No matter how cheesy, they can always warm an icy heart.
  4. Hot cocoa + a Christmas movie = perfect winter night
  5. Fuzzy socks: Snow is the perfect excuse to bring out your bulky and warm socks.
  6. Decorating. Nothing beats putting the finishing touches on the perfect Christmas tree.
  7. Lights, lights everywhere. Despite the slippery roads, driving around is so nice when you have lit up houses to look at.
  8. Christmas music. Chances are, every store you walk into will be playing some holiday jingle.
  9. Baking Christmas cookies. Even better if Santa is coming that night.
  10. Christmas morning, the only day of the year you want to wake up early.
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Ten reasons to 💙 the holidays