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An overview of Mother’s Day

Teri Black, Staff Writer

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Last weekend was Mother’s Day, a time to treat mothers, grandmothers, and wives to the great things they all deserve. For some families, this means going out to eat or giving mom the day off from household chores. Many people buy chocolate or flowers, but one of the most common traditions is to give a card. The increasing consumerism of Mother’s Day is skyrocketing, and the amount of money spent is just under 20 billion. The modern founder of Mother’s Day would have been appalled.

Mother’s Day officially became a holiday in 1914, although many ancient cultures celebrated mothers and goddesses together. The beginning of the holiday was more about mothers’ interests than the mothers themselves. The early variation stressed the care of infants and wounded soldiers during the Civil War, and it was used as a way of promoting peace. Eventually it became an observance of the mothers and women in one’s own life, although the founder, Anna Jarvis, held firm to the belief that it should be just about one mother: one’s own. Even though Jarvis advocated the holiday and helped spread it throughout the country, she greatly opposed the commercial attitude it took on in the later years.

For most, however, Mother’s Day is about giving cards or chocolate as a way to show appreciation. Despite its image as a “Hallmark” holiday,  Mother’s Day is the day of the year when the most telephone calls are made as children all over the world call their mothers to thank them. However, every day can be a Mother’s Day just by doing little things for the women in one’s life. Appreciation does not need a special day, and even though Mother’s Day has officially passed, everyone can still show love for their mothers by helping around the house, cooking, or doing special things for the most important woman in their lives.

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An overview of Mother’s Day