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Le Colonial: A Chicago experience

Teri Black, Staff Writer

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This year on Spring Break I was graced with the opportunity to travel to Chicago with my family, and I was able to sample food from a wide variety of cultures. My family’s favorite was by far was the incredibly classy Le Colonial, a French-Vietnamese restaurant which boasts amazing 1920’s South Asian decor.

menu     restaurant     place setting

Stepping into the building feels like going back in time; the busy street is forgotten once tropical plants and tables covered in white are spotted. Almost immediately we were attended to and served by waiters in crisp white outfits and pristine gloves to match. Having ordered Pellegrino, only once did we fill our own glasses since our waiter always stayed close by to monitor the level of our drinks.

restaurant view 2      restaurant view

Since the ambiance was exceptional and service unparalleled, we all knew the food would follow suit. Long story short, we received what we expected and then some. My stepfather’s food was brought out and prepared at the table (the French custom stresses that sauces be combined at the table rather than in the kitchen). Each plate was a work of art; each vegetable and slice of meat skillfully arranged to make use of the vibrant colors. Of course, we had to take pictures before we ate! By far the favorite was a traditional Vietnamese soup called pho, which is a soup customarily made with oxtail as well as beef, noodles, and cilantro as the main ingredients. It also came with sauces to be mixed and added to provide extra spice to the soup.

food collage

Dessert was also special. My family shared a créme brûlée and my stepfather and I ordered coffee to finish our meal. Overall, Le Colonial is certainly a place I would go back to, not only for the fantastic food but also the atmosphere. Even at the strange time we attended, somewhere between lunch and dinner, the restaurant was packed with people. Tourists as well as locals could be found inside speaking a myriad of languages but united over one thing: the love of food.

Teri at Le Colonial

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Le Colonial: A Chicago experience