Class clowns

Lacey Spaenhower, Staff Writer

One of the worst things ever to happen is to be in a class where there are students who are causing distractions and who are making it very hard to concentrate on your teacher’s lesson.

Everyone knows these students because they are also called the class clowns. These students can make class very difficult and can make concentrating on the teacher very hard. Politely saying this is very annoying to everyone in the class, and it is very rude to the teachers who are trying to help better our education.

 Sometimes I will admit our classes can be boring, but that doesn’t mean that students should start talking right as the teachers are trying to give their lessons. It also doesn’t mean that we should just sit around and not follow the class rules either.

This not only ruins your chance to learn, but it also ruins your peers’ chance to learn. These distractions waste everyone’s time, and it’s just ridiculous because we are in high school. We should all act our age and not like little children. We have the weekends and after school to act immature, so we have no reason to act this way at school.

I’m not saying that we should all be boring and dull, but what I’m saying is that we shouldn’t act up when we are here at school. We are here to learn, and if we just sit around and goof off, then we are only hurting ourselves in the end.  

Our teachers spend huge amounts of their time grading and planning the lessons for the next day. By acting childish and immature, these students are being disrespectful to the teacher. It shows that they have no common sense.

Our school has classrooms have rules and regulations in place for a reason. These rules are things we need to follow and not just ignore.  Remember that acting immature and not following the classroom rules effects more than just you and your education. It affects everyone around you.