Coronavirus impacts the sports world

Jackson Graham, staff writer

Recent news about the Coronavirus has been shocking and scary for most people around the world. It has no cure at the moment and is taking more and more people each and everyday and is threatening lives of many others. More and more states, cities, and countries are taking very cautious steps to take out the virus as a whole. The virus spreads from direct contact with a carrier that has obtained the virus. The virus is most commonly related to a very bad cold and somewhat of a flu. Although the world doesn’t have a cure for the virus yet, researchers and scientists are searching for one everyday to hopefully get rid of the virus.

The sports world has been basically shut down by the disease and is currently ruining the stocks for major companies and businesses. As of right now the NBA is currently suspending the rest of the regular season because of the virus outbreak. Also it is known that NBA stars Donovan Mitchell, Rudy Gobert, and some of their teammates on the Utah Jazz have tested positive for the virus. Reports say that the virus came from Gobert who was being careless in the locker room and touching players and their belongings. The NBA has reported that there will be no more games until further notice and will test players for the virus. Also the NCAA made a statement that the players will still play in March Madness, but no fans will be allowed into the stadium. Only close friends and family members may attend the games if they wish along with the officials and workers. The NCAA wants to take the precautions to prepare for the worst even if it turns out to not be the worst.

Many schools around the world have shut down and have been in quarantine and are currently doing online classes. Many schools had to resort to this method because of the virus danger and because of how it spreads so quickly. Many schools have extended the time of spring break for most people and are currently undergoing quarantine. With this being said, there are many mixed emotions about the whole situation and some are certainly happier than others.

President Trump has also suspended all travel from Europe to the U.S. for 30 days.