5 brands trending in 2019

Kelly Lu, Staff Writer

Most people have heard of mainstream clothing brands such as Levi’s, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, and Nike. People purchase staple pieces of clothing like jeans, polos, and work-out joggers from these companies. These brands were founded decades ago and quickly became American icons that will likely thrive for generations to come. However, smaller trendy brands that focus less on staples and more on the most current trends are becoming more and more popular – and may or may not be here to stay. They often sponsor social influencers to advertise them on their posts or videos, focusing a majority of their promotions on Instagram. Each of these shops have different aesthetics and are growing at a fast rate. Here are five of the most trending brands in 2019 in no particular order.

Brandy Melville

Brandy Melville is currently one of the most well-known trending brands among young women. There are even many people who collect items from this  brand. It was founded by Silvio Marsan and has a very particular type of niche; the style of its clothing is simplistic, yet detailed – a little bit modern and a little bit vintage. The Brandy Melville girl is cool, calm, and stylish as seen in the company social media posts. What is most unique about it is that it has a “one size” system in which all the clothes fit no larger than an extra small to small. Following zero other accounts on Instagram and using the same caption of their own hashtag “#BrandyMelvilleUSA” on every post, this brand has a very exclusive, clique-y feel to it.

Princess Polly

Many viewers who watch popular girly Youtube channels have likely heard of Princess Polly; it is an Australian brand most known for its frilly, puffy “milkmaid” dresses and tops. This store sells many feminine clothes but has more of an edgy aesthetic as its style involves juxtaposing bold elements with daintier pieces for vintage yet modern looks. 

This trendy brand is promoted by many influencers such as Haley Pham and Jess Conte and is sort of a mid-end cousin of the famous sustainable clothing brand Reformation.

Dolls Kill

Dolls Kill, the “boutique for misfits and Miss Legits,” is the brand on this list with noticeably the most edgy aesthetic and is extremely prominent in modern subcultures, particularly the “e-girl” style. Their clothes feature many bright colors, pleated skirts, statement platform shoes, and are heavily inspired by children’s clothing, 90’s trends, and Japanese street fashion. Dolls Kill is the perfect place for those who admire these styles as well as anything under the same umbrella such as punk, goth/scene, and emo. It is the epitome of alt-fashion. Inc Magazine named them the fastest-growing retailer in 2014, and Dolls Kill is continuing to grow along with the popularity of rebellious subcultures.

The Ragged Priest

The Ragged Priest is a popular UK brand retailed at stores such as Free People, Dolls Kill, ASOS, and Urban Outfitters. It markets towards those who have a modern, quirky aesthetic and has a little bit of the elements from all the previously mentioned stores. Overall the shop is very modern and retro, leaning more to the edgy side. It features many vintage silhouettes from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, offering items such as fuzzy tops and flare jeans. It is actually best known for its avante garde denim and features unique embellishments such as chains, zippers snakeskin, and colorful patches. Here are some examples, one of which celebrity Bella Hadid was once seen wearing.


Motel Rocks

Motel Rocks is the perfect shop for those who need an outfit for a night out. It is the most modern and retro brand on this list and also has the most mainstream aesthetic in contrast to the more quirky vintage styles mentioned. It carries many trending prints and fabrics such as silk, velvet, and cheetah print. Because of how wide its market is, and how alt-fashion is growing, it does carry many pieces from that category of fashion as well. It is quite known for its Sunny Kiss Oversized Tee in Black/Purple Cosmos, a piece that is worn by many Instagram influencers such as Sophie Seddon.

Motel Rocks is also the brand in this post with the most retailers; its products can be found at retailers such as Urban Outfitters, Pacsun, Dolls Kill, ASOS, Revolve, and Princess Polly.

Since the industrial revolution, staple brands that are still worn by the masses today, such as Levi’s and Nike, are thriving. However, every fashion era has its fair share of trendy brands as well – some of which may not thrive forever. Liz Claiborne/LizSport and Koret are brands that boomed in the 80’s-90’s but are not worn often in the 21st century unless for vintage looks. The five brands mentioned above (Brandy Melville, Princess Polly, Dolls Kill, Ragged Priest, and Motel Rocks) are the 2019 versions of those brands, each with different niches and aesthetics. They are highly promoted by social media influencers and due to the unpredictability of trends and the fashion industry in general, no one can say for sure if they are here to stay